Geography and Landscape of Hengchun

H engchun Township is located at north latitude 21.4525 and east longitude 125.9. The area is 136.7 630 square kilometers, with a population of 30835(at the end of January, 2012).

O n January 16th, 1946, Hengchun Township was officially promoted to a “township” within the jurisdiction of Pingtung County. The 17 villages under the jurisdiction of Hengchun Township include Chengnan, Chengbei, Chengxi, Shanjiau, Wangsha, Renshou, Jiahu, Tougou, Sigou, Dehe, Longshui, Shanhai, Daguang, Shuiquan, Nanwan, Kending and Eluan. To its east is Manzhou Township, and to the north is Chcheng Township. Being surrounded by the sea at three sides. Hengchun’s west side is the Taiwan Strait with mainland China on the other side of the Strait; to the east of Hengchun is Pacific Ocean, and to the south is the Bashi Channel.