H engchun Transfer Station is the transportation-hub of Hengchun Township as well as the most recent and important landmark of Hengchun’s road-system.

The Kenting Street Bus is the greatest tool to experience the charisma of the Hengchun Peninsula. The fleet of 20 mid/large sized buses operated under Pingtung Bus are painted with bright colors with local elements, and the interiors are complete with audio-visual equipment to explain the tour-routes.

T he specially-designed bus-stops of Kenting Street Bus are constructed at all the important attraction sites, and smaller bus-stops are placed along the route that also provide bus-related information. When it is safe to do so, the bus can also make a temporary stop at any location along its route to pick up passengers upon request.

T here are several ways to Visit Hengchun. The most convinient to travel around Hengchun is taking bus! Here is some informations to assist you to catch the bus and enjoy your vacation here!

Take the train to Kaohsiung Station, and trasfer to Hengchung, or Kenting by bus. There are 3 different buses to Hengchun, they are Kaohsiung Bus, Pingtung Bus, Chung-Nan Bus, and Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport. The other choice is take the train to Fangliau station, and transfer to the Buses. Related Information are listed in below, and click may link to get more details.

1. Kaohsiung Bus
2. Pingtung Bus
3. Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport
. Chung-Nan Bus